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All United for One Cause: Climate Change.

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Thousands of New York City students participated in the Climate Strike at Foley Square Park last Sept. 20.

Many students across all boroughs were excused to skip school to attend the protest, as stated by The New York State Department of Education.

It was a sunny and hot day in New York City, and it was about to get even hotter. There was a sense of urgency in the air. Sabrina Zavarelli, a student from Fordham University, came all the way from Connecticut to participate in the strike.


“Seeing everyone showing up for this protest got me really emotional because it means a lot to me,” she states.


Sabrina Zavarelli is holding up the white sign that says,"I speak for the trees, and they say f**** you."

The vibration of feet marching on the ground resembled the passion that each person carried as they protested. The crowd of students screaming their lungs away for the hope of a better ands after planet Earth. It motivated anyone to join them even if they were not interested in doing so. 

Jasmine, another student who said she does not want to share her last name or school name, said, "it affects every one of us, and there should not be any counter-arguments to climate change."

She added, "I was really upset with my school because they did not excused us to miss class today to come to the strike."

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The left image is Jasmine holding up a poster of smoke coming out of buildings, and the right side image is her friend, who said she does not want her name included, came with her to protest.

Rev. Daniel Cho, a pastor of HA:N United Methodist Church in Manhattan, states how he came to show his love and compassion for the earth and support to this community. 


Rev. Daniel Cho.

More Images of the Climate Change Strike:

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